Two guys discuss the ideas, influences, epiphanies, and yes - the feelings - that make them better men.

Jaemin and Gabe welcome guest Kareem Hammad to dive deep into a topic near and dear to their hearts: Burning Man. 

They discuss what it is, why it's so transformational, how it helps men become more vulnerable, their controversial beliefs about it, and much more!

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Show Notes

(4:38) Clip Montage #1: What was your last Burning Man like?

(5:35) What is Burning Man?

(10:39) Clip Montage #2: What's a favorite memory from your last Burn?

(13:11) Kareem: dancing to the Raj Mahal.

(14:18) Gabe: Burner wedding and Temple burn.

(16:02) The beauty and spirituality of the Temple.

(17:27) Jaemin: encountering a stranger in a dust storm.

(20:01) Clip Montage #3: How has Burning Man changed you?

(21:33) Jaemin: how BM transformed Gabe & Jaemin's friendship and led to the creation of this podcast.

(23:34) Gabe: discovering what authenticity and inner-honesty really mean.

(26:10) Kareem: questioning and reassessing everything in his life afterwards.

(27:33) How BM helps men become more vulnerable and emotionally open.

(31:17) Shifting from individual transformation to community building. The importance of community in the Burn.

(36:14) Question: What's one belief you hold about Burning Man that may be a little controversial?

(36:27) Gabe: BM can be full of lows...and those are a tremendously valuable part of the event.

(40:52) Jaemin: There's a silver lining to the rising trend of turnkey camps and celebrities (like Paris Hilton) visiting.

(44:42) Gabe defends Paris Hilton.

(47:45) Kareem: Burning Man isn't the only place you can find this.

(49:03) What does the rise of festival culture say about us?

(52:41) Cultivating and living in community is one way to keep the magic of BM alive 24/7.

(56:52) Quick Picks

Kareem: The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey.

(59:57) Gabe: Brewery in Richmond, CA called Armistice Brewing Company (started by former GWF guest and Renaissance woman, Alex Zobel)

(1:01) Jaemin: How a few minutes of daily stretching tricked me into loving yoga.

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