Two guys discuss the ideas, influences, epiphanies, and yes - the feelings - that make them better men.

Jaemin and Gabe discuss making writing an effortless habit, the birthday blues, online dating woes, new favorite podcasts, microfiber towels, and more!

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Show Notes

(4:00) What Are You Bringing to the Table?

• Gabe: The Birthday Blues…why is this such a prevalent thing?

• (14:15) Jaemin: How I finally made writing an effortless, enjoyable habit (after struggling for over a decade).

(28:25) Quick Picks

• Gabe’s #1: Making your own almond milk.

• (31:31) Jaemin’s #1: New favorite podcast: The Daily by the New York Times.

• (34:51) Gabe’s #2: Chrome extension for finding email addresses: Hunter

• (37:18) Jaemin’s #2: Ulysses writing app (for Mac and iOS)

• (41:40) Gabe’s #3: Parting the Waters : America in the King Years 1954-63 by Taylor Branch

• (44:55) Jaemin’s #3: Antibacterial microfiber towels infused with silver. (Norwex, E-Cloth)

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