Two guys discuss the ideas, influences, epiphanies, and yes - the feelings - that make them better men.

Jaemin and Gabe welcome their first ever Guest with Feelings: Alex Zobel, a modern-day Renaissance woman who has a PhD in 16th century English Lit, teaches prisoners in San Quentin, is building her own tiny home, and opening a brewery with her brother, among other things.

The three of them discuss: how to become a modern day Renaissance person, what San Quentin prisoners thought of the election, what Standing Rock taught Alex (radical listening), IUD's and accessible poetry, and much more!

Show Notes

Guest with Feelings Interview

• The tension between exploring many diverse interests and diving deep into each of those interests.

• What San Quentin prisoners thought of Donald Trump winning the election.

• Invisibilia podcast: Is Your Personality Fixed, Or Can You Change Who You Are?

• The origins of the Armistice Brewing Company

• Teams without conflict don’t work.

• The importance of Asset Mapping: what are the skills that I have and how can they be used to advance the causes I believe in?

• How climbing a gigantic metal boar at Burning Man taught Alex to “just do it”.

• The power of community to galvanize and inspire social change.

• Alex’s experience at Standing Rock: “If Burning Man is about racial self-expression, showing up at Standing Rock is about radical listening.”

• Ta Nehisi Coates quote on allyship.

• “Bad Feminist” by Roxanne Gay

• “Say what you’re going to say, but be willing to say you’re sorry.”

• Tactics for talking about Trump with family at the dinner table.

Quick Picks

• Gabe’s #1: The People vs. O.J. Simpson (on Netflix)

     – O.J.: Made in America (ESPN documentary)

• Alex’s #1: IUD’s (non-hormonal) – removable birth control.

     – Planned Parenthood video on IUDs (that Jaemin produced)

• Jaemin’s #1: In Defense of Facebook

• Gabe’s #2: Having a light morning routine (Meditate for 3 min. and journal for 3 min. before checking email)

• Alex’s #2: Accessible poetry

     – Alex’s list of 10 accessible poets, (with a link to a poem by each poet): Nayyirah Waheed, Gwendolyn Brooks, Mary Oliver, Warsan Shire, Sherman Alexie, Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, Ted Kooser, Lucile Clifton, Louise Gluck.

     – salt. by Nayyirah Waheed

     – Andrea Gibson

• Jaemin’s #2: Gymnastic rings workouts

     – Nayoya gymnastic rings

     – Gymnastic Rings 101: A Beginner’s Routine & FAQs

• Alex’s brewery: Armistice Brewing Company

     – Alex’s latest brewery blog post: “Brewhouse Found Its Forever Home!”

• Gabe’s twitter

     – Gabe’s latest blog post: “My Top 6 Books of 2016””

• Jaemin’s twitter

     – Jaemin’s latest blog post: “Three Books I’m Embarrassed to Admit Changed My Life”

• Music for the podcast: “As Colorful As Ever” by Broke For Free