Two guys discuss the ideas, influences, epiphanies, and yes - the feelings - that make them better men.

Jaemin and Gabe share their thoughts on going not-quite-full vegan, coming out of the hypothyroidism closet, better questions to ask when you meet someone, how to do the right thing monthly (and effortlessly), and much more!

Show Notes

What Are You Bringing to the Table?

• Jaemin: What you can learn from struggling with chronic health issues.

• Gabe: Changing my views on vegans and going vegan-ish.

     – When people try to come at veganism but you ready (Instagram)

Quick Picks

• Jaemin’s #1: Have an Accidental Budget

     – I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

• Gabe’s #1: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

• Jaemin’s #2: Make your hangouts more intentionally playful, creative (story from Tahoe trip)

     – Camp Grounded, summer camp for adults

     – First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

• Gabe’s #2: Be a monthly donor to organizations you care about.

     – A few organizations Gabe recommends: International Rescue Committee, National Immigration Law Center, International Refugee Assistance Project, Kids in Need of Defense, and the ACLU.

     – Patreon

• Jaemin’s #3: Better questions to ask when you meet someone

     – What are you excited about these days?

     – What’s something you’ve recently learned?

     – What are some themes that are coming up in your life right now?

• Gabe’s #3: Why protesting is awesome.

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• Music for the podcast: “As Colorful As Ever” by Broke For Free

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